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Ranveer Brar is an Indian celebrity chef, TV show judge and food stylist. In his first online cooking class, Ranveer Brar is all set to reveal his secrets recipes that have won the hearts of many. Excel the art of French, Italian, Southeast Asian and authentic Indian cuisines, while learning how to make the best chocolates, breads, desserts and confectionaries! All of these recipes are designed for home cooking, by the Ranveer Brar himself. Cook restaurant-style dishes using everyday ingredients, along with the latest trending recipes, with Chef Ranveer Brar.


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What does Ranveer Brar teach in his Cooking course?
Ranveer Brar teaches you his techniques which are helpful for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced chefs. The course is a self-learning tool and helps you improve at your own pace.

Are there practical exercises given by Ranveer Brar?
Ranveer Brar teaches you everything – theory and practical techniques, which will help you Excel your Cooking. The course is full of exercises and practical tips and tricks.


Lesson 1. Meet the Celebrity Trainer
Lesson 2. Sushi
Lesson 3. Sushi Recipe
Lesson 4. Pasta class
Lesson 5. Pasta class Recipe
Lesson 6. Classic Lasagne
Lesson 7. Classic Lasagne Recipe
Lesson 8. Ravioli Luxury
Lesson 9. Ravioli Luxury Recipe
Lesson 10. Creamy Risotto
Lesson 11. Creamy Risotto Recipe
Lesson 12. Soup Meals
Lesson 13. Soup Meal Recipe
Lesson 14. French Soup
Lesson 15. French Soups Recipe
Lesson 16. Stir Fry (Black Bean)
Lesson 17. Stir Fry Recipe (Black Bean)
Lesson 18. Stir Fry (Thai Kra Pao)
Lesson 19. Stir Fry Recipe (Thai Kra Pao)
Lesson 20. Cocktail Sauces
Lesson 21. Cocktail Sauces Recipe
Lesson 22. Baked Mushrooms
Lesson 23. French Cuisine Recipe
Lesson 24. Chasseur Sauce
Lesson 25. Chasseur Sauce Recipe
Lesson 26. Super Knife Skills
Lesson 27. Bao (Steamed Bread)
Lesson 28. Bao (Steamed Bread) Recipe
Lesson 29. Focaccia Bread
Lesson 30. Focaccia Bread Recipe
Lesson 31. Cheesecake
Lesson 32. Cheesecake Recipe
Lesson 33. Trending Recipe (Doughnuts)
Lesson 34. Trending Recipes
Lesson 35. Almond Rocks (Christmas Delight)
Lesson 36. Almond Rocks (Christmas Delight) Recipe
Lesson 37. Chocolate Truffle
Lesson 38. Chocolate Truffle Recipe
Lesson 39. Apple Pie
Lesson 40. Apple Pie Recipe
Lesson 41. Chocolate Chip Cookies
Lesson 42. Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
Lesson 43. Tandoori class
Lesson 44. Tandoori class Recipe
Lesson 45. Just Keep Cooking!


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