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Who is it for?

Students who are looking for their first job. Those who are aspirational and will go through the interview process in college or outside, this is a must. Your chances will be enhanced significantly. 

Who is your instructor?

Mudit Dugar is the Sales head at Onnivation. Mudit did Investment Banking and is going to Study his MBA in one of the top 5 MBA schools in the world. Mudit is a master at the art of giving, and taking interviews.


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  • How to get into the mindset of a winner (Master the 3 stages of preparation)
  • Become a champion at cracking interviews
  • Learn how to create new opportunities, and not just be waiting
  • Effective tricks to prepare for the important personal questions – which tend to be a decider
  • Learn what methods top achievers use to network
  • Learn how and why a good network can create new opportunities
  • Learn how to close the interview – the steps to follow post the interview
  • Ways to outshine other at every stage of the interview process:
    1. Before the interview
    2. At the interview
    3. After the interview
  • Learn the right body language and attitude to carry
  • Learn how to decide the outcome of the interview even before it has happened (the 3 stages of preparation)


Chapter 1 : Introduction

  • How to land an Interview
  • How to master the use of Job portals
  • Researching and Networking
  • Networking – create opportunities
  • Components of a CV
  • Make a cracking CV – get an advantage
  • Storytelling – the best tool for making impressions
  • Preparation – Be Usain Bolt
  • How to crack Group discussions
  • Ways to apply for Jobs

Chapter 2 : During the Interview

  • Master “during the interview” phase
  • Dress well – jo dikhta hai, wo bikta hai
  • Differentiate yourself – show confidence
  • Collect your talking points – guide the interview
  • Common question sheet
  • Common Interview questions
  • Style of Talking – make maximum impact on Interviewers
  • Crack the ‘Online interview’

Chapter 3 : After the Interview tricks

  • After the Interview – remain in the Interviewer’s mind

Chapter 4 : Bonus – Question bank, how to tackle them

  • Tackle the tricky questions

Chapter 5 : Bonus – Job search websites

  • Best job search portals

Chapter 6 : Internship through LinkedIn

  • How to get internship through LinkedIn

Chapter 7 : Bonus- Downloadable resume samples

  • Experienced – Associate Content Writer
  • Experienced – Customer Service Associate
  • Fresher – Associate Software Engineer
  • Fresher – Junior Data Analyst
  • Fresher – Undergrad Sales Associate

Chapter 8 : Bonus- Cover Letter samples

  • Experienced – Associate Business Analyst
  • Experienced – Business development strategist
  • Fresher – Junior Data Analyst

Chapter 9 : How to build a portfolio

  • Build a portfolio to stand out in your job search



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