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Former CEO Dentsu (Performance Group) and Co-founder ProfitWheel teaches you how to remain relevant in the Digital Age. He shares his 20 plus years of experience in building one of the largest digital agencies in the country and selling it to Dentsu. Being an Angel investor in 25+ companies, he simplifies Digital Concepts like Blockchain, Web 3.0, Exponential Technologies, etc., and also teaches how they can be applied to Prosper in the Digital Age..

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Lesson 1. My Journey
Lesson 2. Exponential Technologies
Lesson 3. How To Develop An Exponential Mindset
Lesson 4. How To Grow As An Employee
Lesson 5. Decision Making Matrix
Lesson 6. Digital Transformation – Case Studies
Lesson 7. Disruptive Strategies
Lesson 8. How To Use AIML For Business
Lesson 9. BlockChain
Lesson 10. How To Built A Global Company
Lesson 11. First Party Data
Lesson 12. The Four C’s
Lesson 13. The Art Of Pricing
Lesson 14. Super Networking Skills
Lesson 15. Negotiation Skills In The Digital Age
Lesson 16. How To UpSkill Yourself To Always Stay Relevant
Lesson 17. Digital Fitness
Lesson 18. New Age Digital Opportunities
Lesson 19. How Digital Companies Are Valued Today?
Lesson 20. Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing
Lesson 21. Maximising Digital Advertising
Lesson 22. New Age Job Opportunities
Lesson 23. Angel Investing Roulette Table Strategy
Lesson 24. Influencer Marketing
Lesson 25. Job vs Entreprenuership
Lesson 26. The 100x Investor Pitch
Lesson 27. Abundance Vs Scarcity Mindset
Lesson 28. The Gig Model
Lesson 29. Side Hustle
Lesson 30. Interview Skills For The Digital Age
Lesson 31. How To Start A Low Investment Business
Lesson 32. Shifting Careers
Lesson 33. Happiness Is A Muscle



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