Etiquette and Grooming for Professional Success Course by Geetarsh

Etiquette and Grooming for Professional Success Course by Geetarsh


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Who is it for?

You are about to graduate, just joined a job. You are a sales and marketing professional, you work in a corporate set up. This is for you. No matter where you are, you are facing competition. You must impress your colleagues and bosses alike. 

Who is your instructor?

Geetarsh is a well known image consultant, English instructor, and a life coach. She runs “TheSkillSchool” and is going to push you to become the “hero of your own story”.


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  • Become the alpha-male or alpha-female at your workplace
  • Learn top Etiquette and become the apple of eyes for your boss
  • Etiquette for business situations – master your image through etiquette and succeed
  • Model behaviour, code of conduct, dress for success, how to outshine in a crowd
  • Grooming, avoiding faux-pas – Odour, hair, nails, makeup, facial hair, clothes and much more
  • Etiquette for various situations in life – Office, Cubicle, Public places, board/meeting-room, smoking, restaurant, buffet dining and much more


Chapter 1 : Introduction

  • Business Etiquette Intro

Chapter 2 : Dress for Success.

  • Sharp dressing
  • Wardrobe for the winner
  • Gentlemen- Shirts, trousers, shoes, socks, belts
  • Men’s sharp dressing examples.
  • Women’s wear- Indian and Western
  • Women’s sharp dressing examples.
  • Things to avoid
  • Mind blowing tips to enhance your image

Chapter 3 : Be a well groomed personality

  • Importance of grooming
  • Shoes, mouth odour, hair, facial hair
  • Nails & hands, Makeup, Perfumes, spectacles
  • Accessories- Secret kit

Chapter 4 : Civility at work place

  • Office Etiquette
  • How to address people?
  • Cubicle Etiquette
  • Cafeteria Etiquette
  • Dining Skill
  • Dining Table Etiquette

Chapter 5 : Business Meeting Dining Etiquette

  • Ease your skill
  • Master your food placement
  • Be a James Bond! Cutlery, Wait staff etc…
  • Chai Etiquette
  • Buffet Dining- DOs and DON’Ts

Chapter 6 : Public Places – Etiquette

  • Air plane Etiquette
  • Theatre, stairs, Escalators, doors
  • Elevator/Lift, Restroom, Smoking
  • Etiquette – Pets, Hotel Stay
  • Etiquette – Handshake, Mask, Car, Phone Do’s and Don’ts

Chapter 7 : BONUS – Gentleman’s Etiquette

  • Gentleman’s Etiquette guide

Chapter 8 : BONUS – Etiquette for the 21st Century

  • Etiquette for the 21st Century

Chapter 9 : Tea and Coffee – Your Exposure barometer

  • Know all about your TEA & COFFEE

Chapter 10 : Work trip Etiquette

  • Things to follow on a work trip

Chapter 11 : Restaurant Etiquette

  • Restaurant Etiquette



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