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From experimenting in his mother’s kitchen to working in some of the world’s most renowned kitchens. Our Master Chef Jason DeSouza has worked with Chef Gordon Ramsay and Chef Alain Ducasse. Today he is a restaurateur, an entrepreneur, and a flavour savant extraordinaire. He was also the curator of healthy meals at Eat Fit. This alumnus of Le Cordon Bleu, London, is a culinary director and a celebrity chef. He loves to make sure that his guests are counting memories rather than their calories. It is time to take control of your meals while still keeping it fun with your master, Chef Jason DeSouza. Get ready with your apron and knives as you are all set to dive into a world of flavours while keeping your health in check!


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Key Takeaways from this Masterclass

  • All recipes are made with ingredients available in every kitchen
  • Easy recipes that are friendly for both a busy day or a lazy day feast.
  • Ingredients listed at the start of every chapter to help you prep.


Episode 1. Meet Chef Jason DeSouza – 06:40 mins
Episode 2. What is Clean Eating? – 08:14 mins
Episode 3. Oatmeal Wonders | Mango Chia Oatmeal Bowl & Rava Dosa (Veg) – 14:15 mins
Episode 4. Stylish Toast & Roesti (Veg) – 14:33 mins
Episode 5. The World of Dips | Papaya & Black Bean Salsa, Cilantro Chilli Pesto, and Hummus (Veg) – 09:50
Episode 6. Appetizers in 15 Minutes | Herb Paniyarams, Turnip Pesto, and Baked Bhindi Jaipuri (Veg) – 16:33 mins
Episode 7. Easy Lunch | Asian Stir Fry (Veg) – 08:13 mins
Episode 8. A Mason Jar Lunch | Chickpea & Spring Green Salad. (Veg) – 04:42 mins
Episode 9. A Fancy but Easy Lunch | Stuffed Bell Peppers with Gaucamole (Veg) – 09:59 mins
Episode 10. Healthy Beverages | Lemonade, Apple Cider, Iced Coffee (Veg) – 04:32 mins
Episode 11. The Single Pot Revolution | Moroccan Chicken (Non Veg) – 07:14 mins
Episode 12. The Single Pot Stir Fry | Zoodles with Bean Curd (Veg) – 07:46 mins
Episode 13. The Single Pot Indian Meal | Tendli Masala Bhaat (Veg) – 09:13 mins
Episode 14. Dinner in 30 Minutes | Bombay Potatoes (Veg) – 07:07 mins
Episode 15. Simple Pasta in 20 Minutes |Spinach Shrimp & Farfalle Aglio (Non-Veg) – 07:26 mins
Episode 16. Cook Up a Storm | Fish with Plum Salad with a side of Potato Wedges (Non Veg) – 12:50 mins
Episode 17. An Indian Affair | Murgh Makhani with Peas Pulao & Greek Salad (Non Veg) – 18:32 mins
Episode 18. Desserts | Banana Oatmeal Muffins & Apple, Prune, & Cinnamon Crumble – 09:43 mins
Episode 19. Think like a Chef – A Weekly Plan – 09:01 mins
Episode 20. The Gluten & Dairy Problem – 02:26 mins
Episode 21. Overhauling into a Clean Kitchen -15:05 mins



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