Master Conversation at Workplace by Mayanti Langer Binny

Master Conversation at Workplace by Mayanti Langer Binny


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    • You’ll have a confident body language
    • You can voice your opinions more confidently
    • You can maintain interest and engage your audience
    • You will get everyone around you to open up to you
    • You can avoid/ace verbal conflicts in and outside the workplace
    • You will be able to handle tricky conversations with ease
    • You can make friends easily and network with new people
    • You will become a master storyteller that people will want to listen to
    • You’ll become more likable as a person
    • You can pitch your ideas more confidently
    • Someone is boring; you will know how to end the conversation
    • Someone is dominating; you will know how to wedge in the conversation
    • No matter what kind of person you are dealing with, you will be able to converse with ease
    • Understand the journey of a conversation – start and end well
    • Building a memory bank to utilize in sparking new conversations
    • Learn multiple techniques to do the ‘Big talk’
    • Excel in conversations with different kinds of people (learn about various personalities, and how to ace conversations with them)
    • Learn smooth techniques – highlighting, being remembered, being ridiculously likable, similarity attraction effect, thread theory, etc.


Chapter 1 : Introduction to the filmy world

  • The world of Films – inside view

Chapter 2 : How to decide what you are good at?

  • Catch 22 situation – knowing without having started!

Chapter 3 : Know & follow the process – become a master

  • Before pre production
  • Pre production
  • Production – Principal shoot
  • Post production

Chapter 4 : Key job roles

  • Key job roles
  • Other job roles

Chapter 5 : Clarity through FAQs

  • Clouds of confusion cleared

Chapter 6 : Final advice from Mikhil Musale

  • Final advice

Chapter 7 : Bonus – How to Pitch for a Film

  • Pitch Document – Films

Chapter 8 : Bonus – How to Pitch for a Web-series

  • Pitch Document – Web Series

Chapter 9 : Bonus – Filmy Terminology

  • Be a Know All. Talk like a Pro



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