Master Portrait Photography Certificate Course by Avinash Gowariker

Master Portrait Photography Certificate Course by Avinash Gowariker


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Our master Avinash Gowariker has been shooting portrait photographs since the age of 19 and enjoys creating the drama inherent in shooting genres like Film Posters as well as Portraiture, Editorial and Fashion where human beings are carefully “arranged”. Avinash’s body of work includes an array of personalities from Amitabh Bachchan to Tiger Shroff, from Madhuri Dixit to Ananya Panday and from Ustad Zakir Hussain to Sachin Tendulkar. In this exclusive masterclass, for the first time, Avinash Gowariker breaks down his process in creating the perfect portrait photograph.


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Key Takeaways from this Masterclass

  • 24 Chapters where Master Avinash Gowariker uses examples from his own collection of work to share tips and tools for taking great portrait photographs.
  • Chapters includes Behind the Scenes looks at the creation of iconic film posters, celebrity portrait shots and his signature ‘post pack-up shot’
  • Backstage access to our Master at work, while he shoots Farah Khan’s family portrait.


Episode 1. Introduction – 03:03 mins
Episode 2. Why I became a photographer – 06:32 mins
Episode 3. What is Portrait Photography? – 04:41 mins
Episode 4. The X Factor: Communication – 04:09 mins
Episode 5. Planning the shoot – 07:14 mins
Episode 6. Finding the perfect Location – 04:35 mins
Episode 7. Lighting – 06:53 mins
Episode 8. Framing your picture – 06:41 mins
Episode 9. Choosing the correct Lens – 04:45 mins
Episode 10. Keeping it Simple – 04:03 mins
Episode 11. The perils of Overshooting – 03:55 mins
Episode 12. Colour Vs. Black & White – 06:16 mins
Episode 13. Digital Vs. Analog – 02:47 mins
Episode 14. Avoid the Cliches – 04:22 mins
Episode 15. Selecting the perfect Image – 07:53 mins
Episode 16. Be a Self-Critic – 04:06 mins
Episode 17. Reflecting on my work – 05:38 mins
Episode 18. Behind the Photographs – 06:06 mins
Episode 19. Portraits as film posters – 02:56 mins
Episode 20. Project: Nanhi Kali – 03:25 mins
Episode 21. The Post Packup Shot – 08:36 mins
Episode 22. In conversation with Sanjana Shah – 18:42 mins
Episode 23. Case Study: Shooting Farah Khan’s Triplets – 06:16 mins
Episode 24. In Conclusion – 03:39 mins



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