Master Pranayama Certificate Course by Ira Trivedi

Master Pranayama Certificate Course by Ira Trivedi


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Ira Trivedi is a best-selling author, a yoga acharya, and the founder of Yog Love, a leading online yoga studio. Having written within the fiction & non-fiction genre, Ira Trivedi is the author of the 10 Minute Yoga Solution and My Book of Yoga series featuring Om the yoga dog. She has won several awards for her work and was honoured as one of the BBC’s 100 most influential women in the world in 2017.Over the years, she has taught yoga around the world and was also part of the team leading the first International Day of Yoga at Rajpath, New Delhi, where two Guinness World Records were created—for the largest yoga lesson and for the most nationalities in a yoga lesson. It’s time to gain control over your breath and your life with Yoga Acharya, Ira Trivedi. Embrace the power of pranayama and unlock a new mantra for your stress-free and healthy life.


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Key Takeaways from this Masterclass

  • A complete Pranayam practice that allows you to control your mind and your life.
  • Includes a Guided Meditation practice that can be used daily
  • Class designed to pause and practice along.


Episode 1. Meet Your Master – 02:56 mins
Episode 2. What is Pranayama? – 07:25 mins
Episode 3. Pre Pranayama Practice – 08:52 mins
Episode 4. Conscious Breathing – 09:36 mins
Episode 5. Kapalbhati & Kumbhak – 12:30 mins
Episode 6. Anulom Vilom – 17:50 mins
Episode 7. Bhramari – 09:09 mins
Episode 8. Ujjayi – 06:09 mins
Episode 9. A Guided Practice – 25:21 mins



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