Paper 1 – Principles & Practice of Accounting (CA Foundation Old Syllabus) by CA Ajay Rathi

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. Who is CA Ajay Rathi?

A. Looking for an exceptional teacher to help you ace your CA Foundation Business Economics exam? Look no further than CA Ajay Rathi. He is an expert in accounting and finance, with a wealth of teaching experience. He understands the importance of grasping key concepts and simplifies them in a way that his students can easily understand. With his unwavering dedication to student success, you won’t regret enrolling in his amazing classes.

Q. Is there any restriction on views in CA Ajay Rathi Classes?

A. For convenience of students, there are no restrictions on view time of CA Ajay Rathi Sir classes i.e., views are unlimited for this class.

Q. Is an internet connection necessary to watch CA Foundation Paper 1 by CA Ajay Rathi videos?

A. Accessing CA Foundation Principles & Practice by CA Ajay Rathi videos through streaming mode on the Android App or Laptop requires a stable internet connection. Additionally, downloading the video files also requires an internet connection. However, after downloading the video lectures, minimal internet consumption is sufficient to view them. To access the videos using a Pen Drive or Hard Disk, you initially need an internet connection to log in and connect with the server. Once connected, internet connectivity is not necessary to watch the lectures.

Q. Where can I find complete information about CA Ajay Rathi and his CA Foundation Classes?

A. CA Ajay Rathi is an experienced teacher, dedicated to helping his students excel in their exams. He prioritizes conceptual understanding and simplifies complex topics with ease. His expertise in accounting and finance has helped countless students achieve academic success. Enroll in CA Foundation Paper 1 by CA Ajay Rathi – Principles & Practice of Accounting classes and experience his amazing teaching style.
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About Faculty

CA Ajay Rathi, a seasoned educator, is committed to supporting his students in achieving excellence in their exams. He places a strong emphasis on building a solid foundation of conceptual understanding and has a knack for simplifying intricate subjects effortlessly. With his extensive knowledge in accounting and finance, he has guided numerous students to academic triumph. To witness his exceptional teaching approach, consider enrolling in CA Foundation Paper 1 for Principles & Practice of Accounting classes taught by CA Ajay Rathi.

3 reviews for Paper 1 – Principles & Practice of Accounting (CA Foundation Old Syllabus) by CA Ajay Rathi

  1. Anand Rai

    Every Things Explain Very Clearly Thank U for this Course

  2. Sahil Massey

    Lectures are to the point without drag-on. Many thanks for the quality of your efforts!

  3. Salim Khan

    Is course ne mujhe accounting ke basics ko samjhaya aur practical examples ke through clarity di, bahut accha course hai bilkul precise and to the point.

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