Paper 10B – Auditing (CMA Inter Group II) by CA Chahak Bahal


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. Can a CMA become an auditor?

A. Yes, a CMA (Cost and Management Accountant) can become an auditor as per the ICMAI CMA course. CMAs have the authorization to take on roles such as GST audit, statutory audit, and internal audit. Additionally, CMAs have exclusive authority for cost audits, setting them apart from other professions in this specialized field as no other professional has authority to do it. Hence, to develop these skills and specialization, CMA Inter Auditing becomes a very important subject and to learn it, do enroll in CMA Inter Auditing by CA Chahak Bahal Ma’am

Q. Can a CMA get job in Big 4?

A. Absolutely, CMAs can secure roles within the Big 4 accounting firms, such as cost accounting, management accounting, financial analysis, auditing, and consulting, due to their expertise in these areas. To prepare for Big 4 opportunities, CMAs need strong academic qualifications, relevant work experience, and proficiency in financial analysis, problem-solving, and communication, making them valued assets to these prestigious firms.

Q. Which group is easy in CMA Inter?

A. In CMA Intermediate, there’s no group that’s naturally easier or harder. It really depends on you – your strengths, weaknesses, and how well you prepare. For some, Group 1 might seem easier because it deals with practical subjects like Cost Accounting and Financial Management. Others might find Group 2 simpler as it covers theoretical topics like CMA Inter Auditing.
The trick is to study both groups well and see which one suits you better. Your performance will show you which group is your strong suit. Plus, to make your journey smoother, consider coaching classes like Study At Home. They can simplify the topics and help you excel in your chosen group.


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