Paper 14 – Strategic Financial Management (CMA Final 2016 Syllabus) by CA Aaditya Jain

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Windows (Only Laptop)

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Lecture Duration

300 Hours (Approx.)





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Single Device

Note: Those Students having attempt in Nov/Dec 23 or onwards then we will provide you amendments as per the new syllabus free of cost.
Documents Required:
Students will have to mail following self attested photocopy documents on sales@studyathome.org
i. Aadhar card/ Passport/ Voter ID Card
ii. ICAI registration Letter
iii. Admission form to be filled & signed – Click Here
iv. 30 sec of video with mobile –

My name is……My ICAI registration number is……. My father’s name is……… I have purchased….(Mention Your Subject Name)…Thank You.

Technical Details:
Windows – Windows10 (Only laptop)
Ram –  4GB (Mandatory)
Processor – If (i3/i5/i7) Sharable Memory Above 500MB
Other – Graphic card 1GB Mon. (Mandatory)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. Who is Aditya Jain?

A. Aaditya Jain, renowned as a Finance Guru and stock market expert, has gained popularity among students. He follows the motto of “Learn More, Earn More.” Aaditya Jain SFM Classes are widely recognized as the top SFM classes available in India. These classes are accessible via Pen Drive or Google Drive.

Q. What does “1.5 times view” mean in CA Aaditya Jain SFM Classes?

A. The additional 50% duration increases the total view time of the video files, meaning that if you have 100 hours of video, you will receive a total of 150 hours of viewing time.

Q. Is an internet connection necessary to watch Aaditya Jain CMA Final videos?

A. Accessing Aaditya Jain’s CMA course videos through streaming mode on the Android App or Laptop requires a stable internet connection. Additionally, downloading the video files also requires an internet connection. However, after downloading the video lectures, minimal internet consumption is sufficient to view them. To access the videos using a Pen Drive or Hard Disk, you initially need an internet connection to log in and connect with the server. Once connected, internet connectivity is not necessary to watch the lectures.

Q. Where can I find complete information about Aaditya Jain and his Classes?

A. Aaditya Jain, known as the Finance Guru. He has extensive qualifications in finance and has been teaching for years. Furthermore, he emphasizes understanding concepts rather than memorization, which makes him exceptionally qualified. Aaditya Jain SFM classes  for CMA are best in its segment.


About Faculty

Aaditya Jain, popularly known as the Finance Guru and the stock market guru, is highly regarded by students. His philosophy is “Learn More Earn More.” He is widely acknowledged as the top instructor for CMA Final Strategic Financial Management (SFM). Aaditya Jain SFM batch for CMA Final are the best in India and can be obtained through delivery on Pen Drive or Google Drive.

41 reviews for Paper 14 – Strategic Financial Management (CMA Final 2016 Syllabus) by CA Aaditya Jain

  1. Tina Mehta

    The way Aaditya Sir explains is just amazing, even while taking drive classes it feels we are in the same room and you can hardly have any doubt because of his teaching skills. The motivating thoughts at the beginning of every lecture are the things everyone needs to hear. It’s the decision one will never regret.

  2. Mudit Gupta

    Aaditya Jain Sir give full motivation in his class with Practical Knowledge of CA Final SFM, His classes are totally practical oriented and all the concepts are explained very well.

    Students also scored good marks in his subjects and there are so many rank holders by Aaditya Jain Sir Class.

  3. Prem Singh

    The way Aditya Sir teaches is the best way of teaching.

  4. Purnima Singh

    The best teacher to learn CMA final SFM is one and only Aaditya Jain sir.

  5. Rohan Jain

    AAaditya Jain sir is the best teacher for CMA final SFM.

  6. Kunti Tomar

    For CMA final SFM, Aaditya Jain sir is the only amazing faculty.

  7. Sanju Kumar

    He covers a sequence of concepts that help to build confidence in students to solve questions easily. Sir is considered the best faculty for CMA Final SFM and I felt that after taking his classes.


    If you want to score maximum marks in CMA Final SFM, there is no better option than CA Aaditya Jain sir.

  9. Ritika Bohara

    Amazing experience
    One of the best subject SFM under your guidance has become more easy
    Thank you sir

  10. Chintu khan

    I must say, Aaditya Jain sir way of teaching unbeatable. Even a fresher can become a expert in SFM

  11. Mukesh Gupta

    His classes are totally practical oriented and his class notes are really very helpful for revision at the time of exam in a very short time very easy to understand the concepts and formulas.

  12. Neil Nathan

    Everyone’s know that Aaditya Jain Sir is India’s best faculty for SFM. Other than his teaching the service provide by them, such as inquiry call, technical team etc. All the people working under him were very efficient and polite.

    So, I suggest purchasing classes from him is very good

  13. Ankit Verma

    Best place to study SFM…they provide best study material..clear doubts properly..His classes can be summarised as bunch of Detailed learning, Question solving, theoretical knowledge and practical exposure that will help you to clear exams but will guide one in making career in Finance.. Best teacher for gaining knowledge regarding stock market and it’s concepts

  14. Yuva Jha

    I had done my SFM class from Aaditya Sir, it might be best decision i have ever had.

  15. Sahil Singh

    I will suggest students to take SFM class from Aaditya Jain Sir because after taking class from him I score exemption in SFM.

  16. Arnav Dutta

    I got know about Aaditya Jain sir from my friends. I think the conceptual clarity is the most important thing while studying & he provides it which in turn makes things simple. Undoubtebly the best SFM Faculty.

  17. Heema Rekha

    Best faculty for SFM and gaining knowledge for Stock market .

  18. Sneha Singh

    Best faculty for SFM is AADITYA JAIN SIR .

  19. Raghav Kothari

    AJC is simply wonderful. Have taken sir’s classes for inter fm . He explains all concepts in detail. Extremely satisfied. Taking up SFM from sir.He is the best teacher in SFM.

  20. Urvashi Agarwal

    Best SFM class for CA Final.Teaching style of Aaditya jain sir is very unique which is very easy to understand. Highly recommended.

  21. Zaid Malik

    Before taking SFM class from Aaditya Jain Sir their was little doubt but after taking class from sir I am very confident in SFM.. Highly recommended

  22. Krish Pandey

    Excellent teacher for CA FINAL SFM, & provides best guidance for those seeking Career in Finance.

  23. Rakesh Kumar

    For CMA Final SFM CA Aaditya Jain sir is the best faculty.He also gives practical knowledge of stock market which helps in understanding the difficult concepts easily.

  24. Uday Kapoor

    Aaditya Jain sir is renowned faculty and aptitude person. His teaching style has unique characteristics. He clear all concepts. His books are best and well explained. His classes are always interesting with technique for teaching concepts, problem-solving, and doubt clearing.

  25. Aahan Agarwal

    CA Aditya jain sir is the best teacher of SFM.He takes class not only for exam oriented but he also prepare students for practically world also. Sir,always motivate the students to go ahead and never give up.

  26. Richa Gupta

    Aaditya Jain sir is the best faculty for CA SFM.He use to give real-life examples and his practical approach in the classroom so the student can also understand the SFM subject properly. He made stock market look so easy for those who had the knowledge of fundamentals. His satellite classes is available mostly all over India.

  27. Ravi Raj

    Aditya Jain sir is best teacher in India for SFM subject. Highly recommended If you are intended to clear first attempt. Many of his past students are all India rank holders.

  28. Praveen Shukla

    Aaditya Jain sir is considered the Best teacher for CA FINAL SFM Because He is the only teacher for CA who mainly focuses on making notes for students only with one intention that they do not have any doubts during the times of exams.

  29. Divyansh Mehta

    Aaditya Jain Sir is the best teacher for CA Final SFM. He will make the subject high scoring and also help students to build a career in Investment Banking & Stock Market. I experience well-versed classes even being in pen drive mode and feel. Even the doubt is fully handled and made clear.

  30. Taran Kumar

    Aaditya Jain Sir is the best teacher for SFM. He has his own way of teaching that will provide conceptual clarity and the real life examples make the class more interesting.

  31. Neha Jaiswal

    Best faculty for CA FINAL SFM is one of my favourite teacher that Aaditya Jain sir…he explains every concept with practical examples.

  32. Cheena Mehta

    I have watched all the classes and still have clear pictures of the concepts taught by sir in class. He explains every concept in such a very easy Aaditya Jain Sir is the best Faculty for SFM no one can teach like him.

  33. Bharat Agarwal

    The most experienced faculty for CA final SFM is one and only Aaditya Jain sir.The way he links every concept with real world situation is the most helping and effective way of teacher for students.

  34. Roni Saha

    His many students have grabbed many great opportunities in finance line and earning a great amount from trading in stock market just because of the knowledge of stock market got from Aaditya jain sir.

  35. Diksha Gupta

    I have taken classes from Aditya Jain sir for SFM and I can say he is good with explaining difficult concepts in a simplified manner. He motivates his students to put in their best while putting in his best from his side. He tries to resolve as many problems in class as possible.He is the best teacher one can have.so go for him blindly.

  36. Somnath Banarjee

    Aaditya Sir always tries to teach in an easy way which is the best thing for all types of students whether average, or not.He always teaches with practical approach which clear concept. He has made us push our boundaries. Students believe that Aditya Jain sir’s Guidance and motivation, are capable to get great marks in SFM

  37. Subham agarwala

    He is teaching this subject in such an interesting way by covering the entire syllabus as well as giving practical knowledge of the stock market. I was inspired by the industrial training in finance also in the class

  38. Bela Jain

    There are so many teachers teaching SFM but when it comes to the best teacher of SFM who has a vast knowledge of finance, the only name I can suggest is Aaditya Jain sir.

  39. Armaan Kohli

    He is the most qualified teacher in CA Industry. Sir use to give real-life examples and his practical approach in the classroom so the student can also understand the SFM subject properly. He made stock market look so easy for those who had the knowledge of fundamentals

  40. Somnath vohra

    The motivating thoughts at the beginning of every lecture are the things everyone needs to hear. It’s the decision one will never regret.His books are best and well explained. Teaching style of Aaditya jain sir is very unique which is very easy to understand

  41. Kunal pandey

    Aaditya Jain sir is the only teacher who teaches the CMA Final SFM in a very practical manner and teaching stock market in practical way would be the best and the most effective manner.

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