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The go getters and the achievers have one thing in common. Through their journeys to the top, they build a great network. The question is: Did the position cause the network, or the network cause the position and the growth. We  think the latter. We don’t want you to wait for the the growth in your career to show first and then the network to follow. Take control, be decisive, build your network now. 

This program is suited for every aspirational cookie who is ready to receive the good life has to offer. The program has been delivered by two Master-Networkers, who have moved up in life harnessing their networks. Learn from them!



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  • Why should you network actively
  • How to network with people with different personalities
  • Networking whether you are an Introvert or an Extrovert
  • Styles of networking
  • Using storytelling to establish your connection
  • Making professional relationships personal
  • How to network in large gatherings
  • What is Deep-bump, and how to use this technique
  • How to optimise the networking process
  • Networking in a digital world
  • How to not be a networking jerk


Chapter 1 : Introduction

  • Intro

Chapter 2 : Why do we need Networking?

  • Connect Dil Se
  • Networking opens new doors
  • What would life be if we are not good at Networking

Chapter 3 : Remove your mental blocks on Networking

  • What is stopping you from Networking?
  • Why should Senior people network with you?

Chapter 4 : Weaving your network

  • Networking in a digital world
  • Creating an Image you want through Networking
  • Don’t be a Networking jerk
  • Short window of opportunity to connect ? Do these.

Chapter 5 : Starting and engaging – Central to Networking

  • Art of storytelling
  • Small talk – Enthral anyone. Junior, Senior..
  • Establish connection in a short time

Chapter 6 : Networking is for everyone. We tell you how.

  • Are you an Introvert? Networking is for you!
  • Follow up – your key to Networking success
  • Qualities of a good Networker. Let us acquire.

Chapter 7 : Hacks and Tricks – Become a Networking Ninja

  • Know who is in your room!
  • Milestones
  • Making professional relationships personal
  • Optimise your Networking process

Chapter 8 : Bonus 1 & 2: Elevator pitch essentials

  • Personal branding through Elevator pitch
  • Elevator pitch – Templates

Chapter 9 : Bonus 2: Likability

  • Likability is your Power booster



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