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The one and only Shaan is here to teach everyone how to expand their range, develop their own style and master all kinds of vocal techniques, with ease. In his first ever online singing class, students will learn different warm-up exercises, understand breath control and master skills, such as Harmony, Belting, Vibrato, Slides and Voice Projection. He will also share the secret to his signature singing style. You’ve never had singing lessons like this before!


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Within 24 working hours of purchase, you will receive a mail containing Login ID, Password & Weblink to access premium pre-recorded lessons.

What does Shaan teach in his Singing course?
Shaan teaches you his singing techniques which are helpful for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced singers. The course is a self-learning tool and helps you improve at your own pace.

Are there practical exercises given by Shaan?
Shaan teaches you everything – theory and practical techniques, which will help you to improve your Singing. The course is full of exercises and practical tips and tricks.


Lesson 1. Shaan’s CelebritySchool
Lesson 2. Protecting Your Voice
Lesson 3. Shaan’s Warmup Exercises
Lesson 4. Shaan’s Notes for Warmup Exercises
Lesson 5. Riyaz
Lesson 6. Riyaz Notes
Lesson 7. How to Perfect High Notes? (Part 1)
Lesson 8. How to Perfect High Notes? (Part 2)
Lesson 9. How to Expand Your Vocal Range?
Lesson 10. Mastering Vocal Techniques (Part 1)
Lesson 11. Mastering Vocal Techniques (Part 2)
Lesson 12. How to Sing in Different Styles and Genres? (Part 1)
Lesson 13. How to Sing in Different Styles and Genres? (Part 2)
Lesson 14. How to Improve Your Projection?
Lesson 15. Mastering Textures and Tones
Lesson 16. Breathing
Lesson 17. Practical Techniques for Commercial/Professional Singing
Lesson 18. Breathing Notes
Lesson 19. Taal
Lesson 20. Shaan’s Favourite Songs to Practice Singing
Lesson 21. Student Session: How to Improve Harkat?
Lesson 22. Student Session: How to Improve Low Notes?
Lesson 23. Student Session: How to Use Chest Voice?
Lesson 24. How to Perfect Low Notes?
Lesson 25. Student Session: Exercises to Increase Stamina and Strengthen Vocal Cords
Lesson 26. Student Session: How to Understand and Perform What Music Directors Want?
Lesson 27. Student Session: Super Tips from Singing Masters (Part 1)
Lesson 28. Student Session: Super Tips from Singing Masters (Part 2)
Lesson 29. Student Session: Super Tips from Singing Masters (Part 3)
Lesson 30. How to Achieve the Perfect Pronunciation for Any Indian or Foreign Language Song?
Lesson 31. Super Tips from Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan and Fellow Maestros
Lesson 32. Microphones
Lesson 33. Song Recording Process
Lesson 34. How to Develop Your Distinct Style?
Lesson 35. How to Control Performance Anxiety?
Lesson 36. Shaan’s Journey
Lesson 37. Shaan’s Resource to Help You Sing Better
Lesson 38. Anyone Can Sing



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