Paper 1 & 2 Combo – FR & AFM (CA Final Group I New Syllabus) by CA Parveen Sharma & CFA Sanjay Saraf


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FR Batch Details:

Key Highlights: –
Total No. Of Lectures -120 
Duration: 350 hours approx.
Approx. 120 Lectures (75 classes Live@Home and 45 Recorded Classes on Google Drive)

BACKUP:- 100% backup classes can be viewed on Google Drive

System requirements :
Operating System: Windows.
Software: Content Browser
Validity of LMS 750 days Unlimited Views.
Classes can operate only on laptops and it cannot be changed once activated.
LMS can be accessed on desktop/Laptop or Mobile apps.
Android app is available. Mobile App (iOS) will be available from 1st April 2023
Downloading of lectures for OFFLINE Access is available only on Laptop with windows operating system.
You do not need internet for viewing classes on laptop.
If you want to ONLINE and LIVE classes then you should buy our Online Batch which are different than this course.

AFM Batch Details:

Live New Batch Starting from Jul 2023
End Date – Jan 2024
100% Live Batch
100% Backup Available

Main Lectures (Live): 140 CLASSES @ 2.5 hours each (Covers 1000+ Descriptive Questions & 2000+ MCQs)
Homework Q Solving Lectures: 100 classes@ 1 hr each (Optional– These classes will be shared separately. Students can try that on their own from the solution provided.)

Study Material (4 Volume in Printed Hard Copy)

  • Booster Shots (Reading-wise summary, mind maps and spreadsheets in the form of periodical blogs at Qforum)
  • Doubt solving on Qforum (100% doubt resolution on Qforum our dedicated query resolution platform. As a candidate you are encouraged to not only post your query, but also actively try to reply to query of others. This not only answers queries of others but also effectively helps you to ingrain concepts.)
  • Chapter-wise CBT quiz (SFM has about 10 chapters. Candidates will get quiz with multiple attempts for each chapter aggregating 1000+ questions)
  • Full CBT Qforum Mock (2 Mocks). The candidate will get privileged access to full CBT mock at QForum.
  • Formula sheet

System Requirement:

  • Windows 8.1 & above -4GB RAM -Graphics Card Integrated or Dedicated -AMD Ryzen supported
  • Android 7.0 & beyond Mobile & Tablet supported – Bluetooth headphone allowed for mobile, tablet or laptop
  • Does Not Support: Desktop not allowed. IOS & Apple device not available currently in any mode and device
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. Who is best for CA final financial reporting?

A. In the fields of CA Final FR Classes, CA Parveen Sharma holds a high level of respect and recognition. He holds a widespread recognition as one of the most dynamic and dedicated faculty members in the area of CA Classes. His expertise is in high demand, as he teach Financial Reporting to students at the CA Final Level, as well as those studying for the CA Inter.

Q. What is the difference between AFM and SFM?

A. In CA Final, the key distinction between AFM and SFM lies in the fact that AFM is a newly introduced subject in the revised syllabus for CA Final starting from May 2024 onwards, whereas SFM remains the existing subject applicable for the November 2023 attempt.

AFM covers advanced topics in financial management, such as capital budgeting, derivatives, and risk management. SFM covers the fundamentals of financial management, such as financial statements analysis, working capital management, and cost-volume-profit analysis. Also, you can effortlessly learn how to prepare AFM by enrolling in the classes taught by the renowned Finance Guru, CFA Sanjay Saraf.

Q. Is 4 months sufficient for CA final preparation?

A. You can definitely get ready for the CA Final exam in just 4 months. But it will require you to study for about 12-15 hours every day with full focus and dedication. Taking classes is a good idea because teachers like CA Parveen Sharma and CFA Sanjay Saraf Sir can help you understand things quickly and clear up any doubts you have. Classes cover everything you need to know for the exam. You might want to check out Study At Home for classes because they have really good CA Final teachers at affordable prices. Hence, this CA Final FR & AFM Combo could give your preparation a big boost!

Q. How do I prepare for CA final financial reporting?

A. Financial Reporting or FR stands as a practical subject, making it advisable to choose online classes like CA Final Financial Reporting by CA Parveen Sharma.CA Parveen Sharma CA Inter Classes are best in its segment. Along with that, make your own notes and solve past year question papers for exam oriented preparation. You can go for either Google Drive or CA Parveen Sharma Pendrive Classes for FR. Be consistent with the classes and keep revising your notes! So, go for this CA Final FR & AFM Combo.


About Faculties

CA Parveen Sharma & CFA Sanjay Saraf are renowned authority in the realm of CA and CS Classes, earning them the title of “CA Experts.” They are known for their unwavering commitment and dynamic teaching style in the area of FR & AFM. Their expertise is in high demand, as they imparts their knowledge of CA Final AFM & FR Combo to students at the CA Final Level, as well as those studying for the CA Inter. CA Final Combo classes are best in its segment.


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