Paper 1 & 3 Combo – FR & Audit (CA Final Group I) by CA Parveen Sharma & CA Pankaj Garg


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CA Final: Financial Reporting (FR)

Faculty Name: CA Parveen Sharma
No. Of Lecture: 120 Lecture| Live Sessions: 45 | Recorded Sessions: 75 (Apr-23) Batch
Duration: 350 Hrs
Attempt Years: May 2024, Nov 2024, May 2025
Live Batch Starts Date: 26 April 2024
Schedule of Classes: Live classes will be held from Monday to Saturday 6:30 am to 9:30 am
Validity : 09 Months in GD
Views : 1.5 in GD
Video Language : HINDI+ENGLISH MIX
Validity Start From : Date of Activation
Video Run On : Windows Laptop / Andriod Mobile / IOS

CA Final: Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics (AUDIT)

Faculty Name : CA Pankaj Garg
Subject: Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics (AUDIT)
No Of Lecture: 50 LECTURES
Duration: 150 Hrs
Attempt Years: May 2024 & Nov 2024
Date of Commencement: 02 May 2024
Schedule of Classes: Live classes will be held Mon. to Fri. 05:30 p.m. to 08:30 p.m.
Validity: 12 Months
Views: 2 times [1 for Live and 1 for Recorded)
Contact Details: For any further details contact at: 9319805511.
Validity Start From: Date of Activation
Video Run On : Windows Laptop / Andriod Mobile /IOS

System Requirement

Video Runs On Windows Based Computer, Laptop, Mobile
Operating System: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Pentium Dual-core 2.0 GHz and above

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. Who is best for CA final audit?

A. CA Pankaj Garg stands out as the best choice for CA Final Audit due to his exceptional teaching style. Additionally, with a deep understanding of the subject matter and a passion for imparting knowledge, his clear explanations, real-world examples, and interactive approach make complex audit concepts understandable and enjoyable to learn. His comprehensive study materials and unwavering support further solidify his reputation as a top mentor for CA Final Audit students.

Q. How do I get exemption in CA final audit?

A. Scoring 60% or more for an exemption in CA Final Audit is challenging but possible with dedication. So, to boost your chances, create a study plan, use study materials effectively, attend classes like CA Final FR & Audit Combo classes and keep practicing and revising. Additionally, prioritize understanding concepts, practice case studies, and obtain feedback for improvement. Therefore, Success in CA Final Audit hinges on consistent dedication and effort.

Q. Who is the best faculty in CA Final FR classes?

A. CA Parveen Sharma is unequivocally the best choice for CA Final Financial Reporting (FR). Indeed his teaching style is exceptional, characterized by a talent for simplifying complex concepts, making them relatable with real-world examples. Also, Parveen Sharma’s passion for the subject, personalized guidance, and knack for breaking down intricate topics set him apart. Moreover, his teaching fosters a deep understanding of the subject, crucial for success in the CA Final FR examination. In essence, he is the ultimate CA Final FR instructor, combining knowledge, experience, and inspirational teaching.

Q. Is CA final audit easy?

A. CA Final Audit is a challenging subject, but with a structured study plan, effective use of study materials, good class and educator, seeking help when needed, and a focus on understanding concepts over memorization, you can increase your chances of success. Moreover, practice case study answers, receive feedback, and remember that dedication is key. With this CA Final FR & Audit Combo Classes, you can learn the complexities of audit easily along with the FR by CA Parveen Sharma Sir.


About Faculties

CA Parveen Sharma & CA Pankaj Garg are highly respected figure in the fields of CA and CS Classes. They are widely recognized as one of the most dynamic and dedicated faculty members in the area of CA Classes. Their expertise is in high demand, as they teach FR & Audit to students at the CA Final Level, as well as those studying for the CA Inter.


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