FRM Part I by Karan Aggarwal



Gold Package


Pre-Recorded Videos


Windows (Only Laptop), Android

Lecture Duration

Gold Package – 250-270 Hours





Encrypted Video's, Video Player


Single Device



Karan Aggarwal FRM Part 1

Deliverables: Live online Lectures, Handwritten Notes, Spreadsheets, Question Solving, Review Classes, Building Blocks
System Requirement: Windows 8.1 & above – 4GB RAM – Graphics Card Integrated or Dedicated -AMD Ryzen supported – Android 7.0 & beyond Mobile & Tablet supported – Bluetooth headphone allowed for mobile, tablet or laptop
Does Not Support :Desktop not allowed – IOS & Apple device not available currently in any mode and device
Important Information :Once installed on a particular mobile or tablet, the same cannot be used on a different android device. Simultaneous login on both Android App and Laptop is not permitted. Machine on which the application is installed once cannot be changed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What is the meaning of 3 times view in Karan Aggarwal FRM classes?

A. In Sanjay Saraf FRM classes, 3 times view means that students get 200% extra duration to the total duration of the video files they receive. For instance, if a student receives 100 hours of video, they will get 300 hours of view time in total.

Q. Are there any restrictions on playing videos in Karan Aggarwal FRM classes?

A. We place some restrictions on playing videos in Karan Aggarwal FRM classes for privacy policy and security reasons. These restrictions primarily exist at two levels: device and the number of times a student can view the same video file. The Sanjay Saraf Education Institute (SSEI) allows the installation of the player software on a single dedicated laptop only, and limits the number of times a student can view a video file. We do not recommend installing the player software on an office laptop for watching classes. If a student chooses to install the software on their office laptop, they will be solely responsible for playing the video classes. Any issues that may arise will not hold SSEI accountable.

Q. Is internet required to play videos in Karan Aggarwal FRM classes?

A. Karan Aggarwal’s FRM classes require steady internet for students who are watching videos through streaming mode on Android App or Laptop. Internet connectivity is necessary to download video files and view downloaded video lectures, with lower internet consumption. To watch videos from a pen drive or hard disk, you need to have initial internet connectivity for logging in and connecting with the server. However, internet is not required afterwards.

Q. When and how will I receive study materials in Karan Aggarwal FRM classes?

A. We deliver study materials and videos (for HDD/PD) to students’ addresses through courier within 10-12 working days in his FRM classes. Moreover, we share any additional videos separately through email.

Q. How can I play video lectures in Karan Aggarwal FRM classes?

A. Playing video lectures in Karan Aggarwal FRM classes is as simple as playing any other video. Additionally, if a student faces any issues playing video lectures, the software team will guide them through the process by the Sanjay Saraf Classes.

Q. When and how will I receive online videos in Karan Aggarwal FRM classes?

A. Karan Aggarwal’s FRM classes will share online videos and login credentials within 2-3 working days.

Q. Where can I get more details about FRM course?

A. Karan Aggarwal, an acclaimed Finance Guru, provides education for FRM Part 1 certification. With extensive qualifications in finance and years of teaching experience, he is a highly qualified instructor. He emphasizes understanding concepts over memorization, making him an exceptional teacher for FRM Part 1. Karan Aggarwal’s FRM Part 1 classes are best in their segment.


About Faculty

Karan Aggarwal Sir, a CA dropout(by choice) and a renowned faculty at Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute has cleared all levels of CFA and FRM and is currently pursuing CQF and CFE at Risk Latte. While working as a Risk Analyst at Barclays Bank, he honed his skills on VaR models and developed Back testing Models using Excel and VBA. At the young age of 23, he devoted approximately 10,000 hours to learn complex financial and risk models. Karan has been working as an Excel Corporate trainer and Consultant for the past 2 years, designing unique Excel-based courses in the area of Financial Modelling, Statistical Modelling, and Risk Modelling. He has worked with top companies like ITC, Bokaro Steel Plant, and Sun Pharma, delivering customized training to meet their needs. Karan’s passion for teaching and his expertise in the fields of finance and risk management make him an excellent instructor for anyone seeking to pursue an FRM certification, particularly for the FRM Part 1 exam.


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