Paper 1, 2 & 3 Combo – FR, AFM & Audit (CA Final Group I New Syllabus) by CA Parveen Sharma, CA Aaditya Jain & CA Pankaj Garg


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FR – 120, AFM – 50, Audit – 50

Lecture Duration

FR – 350 Hours, AFM – 220 Hours, Audit – 150 Hours




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CA Final: Financial Reporting (FR)

Faculty Name: CA Parveen Sharma
No. Of Lecture: 120 Lecture
Duration: 360 Hrs
Attempt Years: May 2024, Nov 2024, May 2025
Validity : 09 Months in GD
Views : 1.5 in GD
Video Language : HINDI+ENGLISH MIX
Validity Start From : Date of Activation
Video Run On : Windows Laptop / Andriod Mobile / IOS

CA Final: Advanced Financial Management (AFM)

Faculty Name: CA Aaditya Jain
Attempt Years: May 2024, Nov 2024, May 2025
Validity: 3 years from the date of Software Activation
No Of Lecture: 70+ Lectures
Duration: 300 Hours
Batch Recording: Fully Updated (100% FREE AMENDMENT SUPPORT LIFETIME)
Views: 1.5 times on duration with unlimited clicks
Video Run On: Windows Laptop

CA Final: Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics (AUDIT)

Faculty Name : CA Pankaj Garg
Subject: Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics (AUDIT)
No Of Lecture: 50 Lectures
Duration: 150 Hrs
Attempt Years: May 2024 & Nov 2024
Validity: 12 Months
Views: 2 times
Validity Start From: Date of Activation
Video Run On : Windows Laptop / Andriod Mobile /IOS

System Requirement

Video Runs On Windows Based Computer, Laptop, Mobile
Operating System: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Pentium Dual-core 2.0 GHz and above

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q. Who is the best FR teacher for CA final?

A. CA Parveen Sharma is widely renowned as an exceptional teacher for Financial Reporting (FR). Known as the “God of Accountancy,” he has extensive knowledge and keeps up with the latest updates. His teaching style simplifies complex topics through practical examples and interactive sessions, benefiting various learning styles. Many of his students excel in the CA Final FR exam due to his guidance. His study materials are comprehensive, covering the syllabus thoroughly with detailed explanations and practice resources. He prioritizes student support, offering personalized guidance and addressing doubts, creating a conducive learning environment. Overall, CA Parveen Sharma’s expertise, engaging teaching style, and successful track record make him a strong candidate for the title of the best FR teacher for the CA Final exam.

Q. What is advanced financial management?

A. Advanced Financial Management (AFM) teaches you how to handle a company’s money in a smart way. It’s more detailed than basic financial management and helps you learn how to make wise financial choices for a business. Learning AFM can improve your ability to make good decisions, manage risks, and advance your CA journey. Consider CA Aaditya Jain‘s classes for AFM because he’s really good at explaining things, has helped many students succeed in exams, and provides great study materials. With AFM knowledge and resources like CA Aaditya Jain’s classes, you can become skilled in handling company finances and achieve your career goals in financial management. Hence, this CA Final FR, AFM & Audit Combo is best for you!

Q. How to pass CA final Audit?

A. To excel in the CA Final Audit exam, dedication and a good plan are essential. First, create a study schedule considering the exam’s weightage. Prioritize important chapters and use good resources like CA Pankaj Garg Sir’s classes. Understand concepts well and practice regularly, revising key points often. Join study groups for discussion and seek help when needed. Focus on mastering auditing standards and developing analytical skills. Manage your time during practice tests. Take care of your health and stay positive. Consider CA Pankaj Garg Sir’s classes for his expertise, clear explanations, successful track record, comprehensive materials, and student-focused approach. Remember, consistent effort and effective strategies are vital for success. So, go for this CA Final FR, AFM & Audit Combo.


About Faculties

CA Parveen Sharma, CA Pankaj Garg & CA Aaditya Jain are renowned authority in the realm of CA and CS Classes, earning them the title of “CA Experts.” They are known for their unwavering commitment and dynamic teaching style in the area of FR & SFM. Their expertise is in high demand, as they imparts their knowledge of FR & SFM to students at the CA Final Level, as well as those studying for the CA Inter. CA Final Combo classes are best in its segment.


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