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Renowned storyteller and best-selling author S. Hussain Zaidi in his first online writing class teaches his step-by-step process for turning ideas into gripping narratives. Learn his methods for researching, crafting characters, sustaining suspense, revealing dramatic ending etc. Craft stories that captivate audience from the opening line.


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Lesson 1. Structuring Your Book
Lesson 2. Developing Your Story: Step By Step
Lesson 3. How To Write The Best Opening Line and 1st Page
Lesson 4. Infotainment Style Of Writing
Lesson 5. How Anyone Can Become an Author?
Lesson 6. First Book
Lesson 7. Character Building
Lesson 8. Creating Background For Characters
Lesson 9. Show The Story Technique
Lesson 10. Expressive Vocabulary Building
Lesson 11. Universal Language Structuring
Lesson 12. Rework Style Of Editing
Lesson 13. My Complete Writing Process
Lesson 14. How To Come Up With Compelling Titles?
Lesson 15. How To Create A Catchy Book Cover?
Lesson 16. My Personal Research Techniques
Lesson 17. How To Handle Criticism?
Lesson 18. How To Get An Interview Arranged?
Lesson 19. How To Market Your Book?
Lesson 20. The Complete Publishing Process
Lesson 21. Reading As A Source Technique
Lesson 22. What Should Be Your First Book?
Lesson 23. How To Develop Creativity Practically?
Lesson 24. How To Handle Constant Criticism?
Lesson 25. Most Effective Engagement Tools of Writing
Lesson 26. How to Overcome Writer’s Block
Lesson 27. My Journey
Lesson 28. How To Start In Journalism?
Lesson 29. How To Develop Your Network?
Lesson 30. Choosing Your Beat
Lesson 31. Perils Of Sensational Journalism
Lesson 32. How To Come Up with Story Ideas?
Lesson 33. How To Write A Special Report?
Lesson 34. Perils Of Investigative Journalism
Lesson 35. How To Do Smooth Transition From Print Media To TV?
Lesson 36. How To Be A Award Winning Journalist
Lesson 37. Documentary Filmmaking As A Step Forward
Lesson 38. Publish Your Book With Hussain Zaid



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